Welcome at DE BARY AQUA-UV

    As family business we develop, produce and distribute ultraviolet sterilizers worldwide since over 20 years.
  • Kompetenzen KOMPETENZEN
    Due to a variety of projects we have achieved a high level of expert knowledge over the years. Our name stands for high quality, service, achievement and durability.
  • Vertrauen VERTRAUEN
    Well-known clients rely on DE BARY UV-C sterilizers in their fish-keeping installations and are convinced of the effective utilization, germicidal efficacy and the long service of our units.
  • Kunden KUNDEN
    The company Schuran OHG trust for their exclusive and customized solutions on our high quality UV sterilizers.
  • Müller & Pfleger Müller & Pfleger
    The shop installation specialist requires 90° elbow connectors for intake and outlet. They are glued and fastened to our unbreakable inlets and ready for immediate use.
    For a chain of DIY superstores we have mounted the DE BARY AQUA-UV sterilizers on a base plate to be placed underneath the aquarium tanks and on top of the edge of the filtering basin.
    Megazoo with head office in Dortmund has equipped the fish keeping tanks in 13 stores with DE BARY AQUA-UV sterilizers, model AN-25E.
    Zoo Zajac in Duisburg is installing DE BARY AQUA-UV sterilizers in his fish tanks. For example, our 55W sterilizer disinfects the biggest combined tank with 22000 liter.

Short introduction

TOP UV-C sterilizer for professionals !

For decades the DE BARY AQUA-UV brand stands for a clean, quiet and effective way for bacteria healthy water. We produce professional UV-C sterilizers for uses in the aquaristic, for garden pond and wet room installations. Many system builders and dealers rely on our products, the special characteristics are:


WF model

We have expanded our UV sterilizer AQUA-UV selection with the series "WF" in late 2012. "WF" stands for easy maintenance and is the result of the request by industrial customers for a simplier and faster lamp changing. Now it is possible to exchange the lamp within a very short time - have a look at the demonstration!

25W open for demonstration purpose  
  • round shape for a full 360° UV irradiation
  • large container volume for an irradiation time of more than 2 seconds
  • high-quality components from reputable manufacturers
  • absolutly UV resistant and designed for many years of use

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