AQUA-UV sterilizer and accessory

AQUA-UV sterilizers and accessories.

AQUA-UV WF-/GT/2-models

   Schematic illustration and list of spare parts of ‘WF-/GT/2 models

AQUA-UV information brochure


Comprehensive information on effective UV-sterilization with DE BARY AQUA-UV sterilizers.


  • Selection criteria
  • Definition and measurement of ultraviolet radiation
  • Germicidal intensity and flow rate
  • The best placing of an ultraviolet sterilizer 


AQUA-UV instruction manual


Operational instructions and installation recommendations for DE BARY AQUA-UV Sterilizers


  • Connecting the UV sterilizer
  • Maintenance of a UV sterilizer

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AQUA-UV AN-/GT models

  Schematic illustration and list of spare parts of AN-/GT models

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