Knowing facts for effective water treatment

In this section we want to give you a brief introduction to Ultraviolet radiation.

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Can an overdose occur?

No, since water can neither store nor carry UV radiation and radiation cannot escape from the unit. Thus, neither an overdose nor an over-treatment is possible. 

Please refer to the section "Which factors must be taken into account?"

Can the lingering time be extended?

Only by reducing the flow rate it will be possible to have a longer exposure time.  Spirals or obstructions in the housing may create water turbulence but actually reduce the volume available for the circulation of the water and therefore the period available for exposure to the ultraviolet light.

What is meant by exposure time?

With exposure time we express the time period under which the water is subjected to the influence of the radiation from the UV lamp.  The water volume in the canister of the sterilizer and the speed of the flow of water are the main criteria for a sufficient period or intensity of radiation.  Thus the exposure time is an essential value in UV sterilization!

A lack of exposure time can only be compensated by an increased radiation energy.

Which type of UV-C lamps are used?

The DE BARY AQUA-UV sterilizers are equipped with low-pressure mercury vapor lamps of Philips.  The energy is emitted primarily at 254nm and capable enough to noticeably affect the microorganism.


Philips Spektrum
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